The Leader’s Library

Because you asked, these are some of the books equipping us to lead well:

  • The Bible
  • The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Pete Scazzero
  • Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordiero
  • People Fuel by Dr. John Townsend
  • Disciple Her by Kandi Gallaty
  • Developing Female Leaders by Kadi Cole
  • Influential by Jo Saxton
  • The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership by Jenni Catron
  • Fairness is Overrated and 51 Other Leadership Principles to Revolutionize your Workplace by Tim Stevens
  • Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson
  • Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud
  • Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory by Tod Bolsinger
  • Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership by Ruth Haley Barton
  • Chess not Checkers by Mark Miller
  • Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenge of Leadership by Halee Gray Scott
  • The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller