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Happy New Year–The Windshield is Bigger Than the Rearview Mirror for a Reason

At this last sunset of 2021, I love sunrises and sunsets. They come every day faithfully. What are you excited for in 2022? May we remember the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason.

Good Friday, It is Finished

It is Finished

By Danya M. Jordan Ironically called Good Friday, it is the most somber day of the year and of humanity for Christians. Today for 2022 is even more significant in that Jewish Passover begins this evening also. One of our Messianic ministry clients with Blessings Brokers hosted a "Preparing for the Passover" Virtual Event Tuesday… Continue reading It is Finished


Lord, What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

If you are like me, I want to ensure my loved one is honored in the most meaningful way. As much as I love my loved ones, Jesus' birthday is the most significant. I ask each year, "Jesus, what do You want for Your birthday?"

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The Journey to Easter: Four Lessons in Waiting Well as Leaders

In the Journey to Easter, not much is spoken about "Silent Saturday" between the agony of Good Friday and miracle of Resurrection Sunday. Here are four lessons as leaders for us to wait well for our dreams and miracles.

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Keeping Your Passion For Your Calling As a Leader

As leaders, how do we keep our passion for our calling strong when we face opposition and obstacles? Nehemiah gives us four leadership lessons to keep our passion burning in our heart and mind as we move forward.

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself When You Say Something You Regret

We often say words we regret. But what if these words are a sign of something more going on inside? We can choose to ignore the deeper issue or we can choose to address it. The choice we make will determine the reputation we have as a leader.